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These case studies illustrate how Alcoa is acting upon its commitment to sustainable development throughout the world. We are pleased with this progress, but look forward to achieving even more.

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2010 — Economic

Alcoa in the Olympic spirit

 Alcoa Innovation proudly teamed up with Speed Skating Canada and the Centre de formation professionnelle Qualitech in Trois-Rivières to support and encourage our athletes during the Vancouver Olympic Games.
We were pleased to offer three sculptures that combine tradition and modernity. The largest one can be seen next to the Olympic Oval in Vancouver and the two smaller ones were erected at the Complexe Alphonse-Desjardins in Trois-Rivières and at the Gaétan Boucher ice ring in Quebec City.
The inuksuk was chosen to symbolize the path we should adopt in our northern environment. The work showcases the talent of its artisans and the best qualities of aluminum, with its multi-faceted potential and consummate ability to transform. The contrast between the intrinsically simple composition of the inuksuk and the elegant lines of the skater illustrate the lengthy training required for a young athlete to reach the hoped-for level of excellence.
The sculptures were made entirely from aluminum from our Bécancour and Deschambault smelters. Slices taken from the surface of ingots were used to reproduce the stones, while the skaters were anodized in a gold color.
This project was also a great training opportunity for the young welding and casting technicians who realized the project thanks to the support of Québec’s SME aluminum network. The formers’ skills and the latter’s resources combined to create this gold and silver toned testimonial to our athletes, which serve as a source of inspiration for the next generation of skaters training in Trois-Rivières, Quebec City ... and Vancouver.
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