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These case studies illustrate how Alcoa is acting upon its commitment to sustainable development throughout the world. We are pleased with this progress, but look forward to achieving even more.

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The Women’s Network in Action at Moisson-Québec

2008 — Community

Promoting equal opportunity

The Women’s Network of Alcoa Canada Primary Metals is one of the local chapters of this international initiative launched by Alcoa to contribute to the development and advancement of women leaders within the organization.  In Quebec, the network is made up of close to 40 women from every facility, where they assume roles of varying responsibility.
Once a year, the network meets for a conference to exchange best practices and discuss work experiences, while focusing on a relevant theme.  In 2007, the organizers of the conference decided to add a community component to the event.  To contribute to equal opportunity in our society, the conference participants spend a half-day at Moisson-Québec, an alternative food bank in the Quebec City region.
For the entire morning, the members of the Women’s Network took part in the various steps involved in preparing non-perishable food items.  They integrated themselves completely with Moisson-Québec staff and volunteers, an experience they all agreed was incredibly enriching.
The lunchtime meal was offered by Alcoa.  Thrilled with the attention they were receiving in addition to the extra pairs of hands they had benefited from all morning, the team from Moisson-Québec couldn’t believe their eyes when they were then presented with a $3,000 cheque from the Alcoa Foundation for this ACTION program. 
“We were happy to have contributed, albeit modestly, to helping give hope to the people who rely on Moisson-Québec to improve living conditions for themselves and their families,” said Lynda Maguire, Human Resources and Health and Safety Administrator, and Co-Leader of the Alcoa Canada Primary Metals Women’s Network.  “Many of the conference participants told us how much they had appreciated this experience and being able to share, in a meaningful way, in our commitment to equal opportunity.”  She added that this community component to the conference will doubtless be included in other conferences down the road.