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Alcoa Inc. 2013 Sustainability Report

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At Alcoa, we define sustainability as using our Values to build financial success, environmental excellence, and social responsibility in partnership with all stakeholders.


We integrate sustainability into our core business strategy using a multi-layered structure:

  • The Executive Council is accountable for setting annual targets and measuring progress against those targets, as well as longer-term goals;
  • The chief sustainability officer is responsible for developing a comprehensive strategy that integrates all of the businesses’ sustainability efforts;
  • Business leaders are responsible for the integration of sustainability into their respective business practices; and
  • Internal sustainability experts in each global region and business implement the strategy and processes.


Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products
In our view the three pillars of sustainability are interdependent.


We feel as great a responsibility towards the environment and the communities where we work, as we do towards the creation of wealth that benefits the regions where we operate and Québec as a whole.


The quality and environmental management systems in all Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products smelters are certified ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, respectively. For health and safety, our smelters rely on management systems based on best international practices in this field and Alcoa Inc. ensures they are applied by conducting rigorous audits. Alcoa has developed strategic objectives for 2020 and 2030 for both environmental and health and safety performance. These objectives guide our improvement efforts in landfilled waste, greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and energy efficiency, as well as in safety, hygiene and employee wellbeing.


In addition to Alcoa Inc. sustainability guidelines and policies, we take a proactive stance and establish additio¬nal objectives and codes of conduct, including our policies for Community Support and Energy Efficiency. In terms of the environment, we signed the first voluntary greenhouse gas reduction agreement with the Québec Government in 2002, renewed until new legislation took effect in 2012. We also signed an environmental improvement agreement in 2008.


Inspired by the United Nations Agenda 21 local program, we announced in 2011 the creation of three Alcoa Sustainable Communities Funds to support the implementation of sustai¬nability plans in the communities which host our smelters. We also actively support the sustainability initiatives of our partners and suppliers, based on the BNQ 21000 methodology developed by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec. Several Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products partners have started to implement sustainability programs by participating in pilot projects based on this approach. In addition, we have integrated a supplier code of conduct developed by Alcoa Inc. into the contracts we sign with our Canadian suppliers.



Unless otherwise specified, the Alcoa Canada sustainability website reports on the production activities of Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products in Québec. Amounts are presented in Canadian dollars as at December 31, 2013. When required, US dollar amounts are converted at the average conversion rate for 2013 (US$1 =CA$0.97).