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Alcoa Inc. 2012 Sustainability Report

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At Alcoa, sustainability is defined as using our values to build financial success, environmental excellence, and social responsibility through partnerships in order to deliver net long-term benefits to our shareowners, employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate.


A multi-layered structure applied across our operations worldwide ensures that we are integrating our sustainability approach into our core business strategy:

  • Our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) is responsible for developing a comprehensive strategy that integrates all of the company’s sustainability efforts;
  • The executive-level Global Sustainability Steering Team drives accountability for integration of sustainability into our business strategies. This team consists of key executives who have accountability for Alcoa’s strategic sustainability initiatives across their various functional responsibilities; and
  • Our Global Sustainability Working Committee is made up of key sustainability-focused Alcoa resources from various regions of the world. It is responsible for implementing the sustainability initiatives that will enable us to meet the objectives established by the CSO and the Global Sustainability Steering Team.


In late 2009, the Global Sustainability Steering Team developed a new set of long term goals and objectives to drive progress in our businesses to 2020 and, for some areas, to 2030. These new strategic sustainability targets were approved by our executive and business-unit leadership in early 2010.


Some of these long-term targets were reached in 2011 and in early 2012. As a result, the Global Sustainability Steering Team decided to advance the realization of 2030 goals to 2020, in the areas of carbon dioxide emission intensity and freshwater-use intensity, and to set new targets for 2030.


Each business has also developed a roadmap to achieve its own longer-term sustainability goals. This “Roadmap to 2020” provides a framework for each business to lay out the process steps, business decisions and technical improvements necessary year-by-year to deliver on its long-term commitments.


Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products is in the process of completing its roadmap for the region. Available information enables us to establish our annual sustainability targets for the region, while insuring that our long-term vision is aligned with Alcoa’s 2020-2030 Strategy.


Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products

The Alcoa Canada sustainability website reports on the production activities of Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products in Québec. Amounts are presented in Canadian dollars as at December 31, 2012. When required, US dollar amounts are converted at the average conversion rate for 2012 (US$1 =CA$0.99).