Protecting Our Resources  


Operating in a manner that protects and promotes the quality of the environment is a core value at Alcoa.


2013 Highlights and 2014 objectives


Our business leaders understand the critical importance of reducing the impact and optimizing the environmental benefits of our products and manufacturing processes. Our corporate strategy and the achievement of our environmental objectives are led by a talented group of environment professionals around the world, who are supported by various external experts in key areas related to our operations.
In Québec, the Environment Team at Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products is made up of several professionals and technicians. Each aluminum smelter has its own Environment Team, and a regional group works on common issues. Various working committees enable the teams to share best practices.
In 2001, Alcoa Inc. developed an initial set of long-range goals to be achieved by 2020, with quantitative and qualitative measures to track our progress. These targets were updated in 2009 as part of a larger
Initiative to enhance Alcoa's Sustainability Framework.


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