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Best practices: applied excellence

Case study

Alcoa Innovation supports growing Québec expertise in aluminum

Industrial Research Chair on Advanced Modelling of Electrolytic Cells and Energy Efficiency (MACE3)

Smelting Center of Excellence

Demonstrating its confidence in the worldwide reach of Québec’s aluminum expertise, Alcoa chose to base here, at our Deschambault Smelter, one of its five global Centers of Excellence. The Smelting Center of Excellence brings together Alcoa’s foremost primary aluminum smelting experts, including several from Québec. It offers a number of services to Alcoa’s global smelter network such as applied research on process; industrial phase experimentation; support for smelters experiencing issues, starting-up and or being modernized; training; as well as the development, transfer and standardization of best practices in the management of manufacturing and human resources.


Energy efficiency Chair

In 2010, Alcoa helped create the NSERC/Alcoa Industrial research chair on Advanced Modelling of Electrolytic Cells and Energy Efficiency (MACE3) at Laval University. Electrolytic cells are where it is most crucial that we reduce our energy consumption. Laval University’s research program is conducted in four areas: energy efficiency at electrolytic cells, anode quality, process stability, and recovery of heat loss. The research team consists of five professors, about 20 master’s and doctoral  students, and a group of research professionals and technicians.