Employee Volunteer Initiatives
Our social commitment goes beyond handing out grants. Attentive to the needs of their communities, our people spend thousands of hours volunteering, in addition to participating in community activities that contribute to improving the quality of life for everyone.

2013 Results

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Alcoa Foundation Grants and Programs
Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products


Alcoa Foundation Donations in 2013

ACTION programs in Canada

Bravo! programs in Canada

Worldwide Month of Service


This engagement is supported by four employee volunteer initiatives: ACTION, Alcoans in Motion, Bravo!, and the Worldwide Month of Service. And the participation of Alcoa employees and partners in Earthwatch research focuses on the environment.



The name of this program is an acronym for Alcoans Coming Together In Our Neighborhoods. ACTION projects involve a group of Alcoa employees helping out a non-profit or non-governmental organization by volunteering their time. To support them, Alcoa gives the chosen organization an amount equivalent to between $1,500 and $3,000, depending on the number of employees participating in the project.


In 2013, we maintained the high level of volunteering reached in the previous year through 44 ACTION projects. In addition to the volunteer work by teams of Alcoa employees during projects lasting a minimum of four hours, these projects resulted in donations totaling US$132,000 in 2013. Many of these volunteer projects were carried out in October, which is designated as the Worldwide Month of Service for Alcoans, and nearly half of all GPP Canada employees and 100% of management participated.


The Alcoa Foundation also launched in 2013 a worldwide program to highlight the ACTION program’s 10th anniversary. Each month, an ACTION team from a different country received an additional US$1,000 donation. In Canada, a draw was made between all participating teams and the surprise donation was awarded to the St-Marc-des-Carrières high school, which used it to complete its new training room, already refurbished by Deschambault Smelter’s employees.


Alcoans in Motion

In 2013, the participation tripled in this program supporting employee teams who run, walk, bike or participate in a group physical fitness activity to benefit a non-profit cause. Only in its second year, Alcoans in Motion provided US$35,000 to 14 organizations in Québec, including bike rides in which employees of Alcoa’s Québec smelters took part for the benefit of Opération Enfant Soleil and the Fondation du Centre de santé et de services sociaux de Manicouagan.



Alcoa encourages its employees to get regularly involved as individuals. With its Bravo! program, Alcoa recognizes the work of every employee who volunteers at least 50 hours a year to a non-profit or non-governmental organization, by giving the organization the equivalent of $250 for every participating employee.


The range of activities is as diverse as the interests of our employees. The only requirement is that the organizations meet the program's admission criteria, and this flexibility has helped maintain a high level of participation. In total, 281 applications were submitted by our employees in 2013, for total donations exceeding US$70,000. 


Worldwide Month of Service

Alcoa's annual Worldwide Month of Service (WMS) program in October each year is the centerpiece of Alcoa's Volunteer Program. Alcoa Foundation took the 8th annual WMS as the ideal opportunity to underscore the commitment of Alcoa and its people to their host communities. Here are some of the 2013 highlights:

  • 49% of employees participated in the WMS
  • Our people made 11 ACTION volunteer projects, including 4 on the first weekend of October to launch the WMS.
  • 31 activities were made in 31 days, including:
    - To mark Alcoa’s 125 years, 125 trees were planted on Mount Royal, in Montréal, including the 125,000th tree planted in Canada under the 10 million trees program, launched in 2003.
    - In Deschambault, the annual blood drive was a success, with 106 donations. The Smelter’s annual volunteer acknowledgement gala brought together more than 100 employees and community partners. The activity was highlighted by a friendly hockey game between employees and Donnaconna’s Midget A minor hockey team, an event also part of the Alcoans in Motion program.
    - Four ACTION programs were carried out in Bécancour, including one by GPP Canada’s management, on hand to paint Entraide Bécancour’s offices.
    - One of four Baie-Comeau activities took place in Vallée des Roseaux’ new premises. The ACTION team leader was proud to announce on that occasion that the organization had won U$10,000 in Alcoa Foundation’s worldwide contest: “What would you do in your community with US$10,000?”


In 2003, Alcoa Inc. established a partnership with the Earthwatch Institute to lend the volunteer support of Alcoa employees to the organization’s scientific teams. The employees enjoy a priceless experience while contributing to field research that helps address today’s most pressing environmental issues. In 2013, Alcoa Foundation chose 27 of its employees, with three Quebecers among them, who participated in expeditions in China and at the edge of the Canadian Arctic.


To learn more, consult the expedition blog.


Alcoa Green Works

Alcoa Green Works is a new initiative that aims to engage, from April 21 to June 21, Alcoa employees and our host communities around the world in activities to reduce, recycle and renew for a greener planet.


In 2013, the Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products made significant contributions:

  • A total of 4,362 trees were distributed to our people and to community members in Baie-Comeau, Bécancour, Deschambault, Montréal and Québec City;
  • In cooperation with Tree Canada, between 20,000 and 75,000 trees were planted worldwide during this period, contributing to Alcoa’s Ten Million Trees program;
  • Two environmental awareness activities were organized, including one in a primary school, hosted by one of our colleagues who took part in an Earthwatch expedition in 2013; and
  • Three ACTION projects were carried out to clean-up and maintain river banks, parks and trails.


Signature event

Each year, our plants simultaneously carry out an ACTION initiative during the same weekend. In 2013, this activity took place during the first weekend of October to mark the launch of the 8th annual Worldwide Month of Service.
In December, for the fifth consecutive year, Operation Red Nose benefitted from the volunteer assistance of employees from our Baie-Comeau, Bécancour and Deschambault smelters. During a single weekend, they provided transportation and remitted nearly $12,000 to three foundations under the ACTION program.


Pedaling for a good cause...

Our people combine their passion for cycling and a commitment to their communities during several annual cycling events:

  • Randonnée Vélo Santé Alcoa, the brainchild of our Baie-Comeau employees
  • Randonnée de l’Espoir ABI, created by our people in Bécancour
  • Raid Extrême Alcoa Bras du Nord, supported by our team at the Deschambault Smelter
  • And Randonnée Vélo Énergie Alcoa that attracted 24 cycling enthusiasts from Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products and its host communities, who biked 260 km in a single day. Also organized by Deschambault Smelter’s employees, the cycling event commemorating the City of Deschambault’s 300th anniversary took place on the same day. More than 200 people pedaled along the different cycling loops, totaling 300 km. Six of them, including three Alcoa employees, completed the full 300 km! 


These activities all share a common goal of promoting healthy living. Three of them are also opportunities to raise funds for not-for-profit organizations. As evidence of their success, many of these events were also held in 2014.


In addition to all of these programs, Alcoa employees give generously in time and money to causes they care about, including Leucan, Opération Enfant Soleil, Centraide and Opération Nez Rouge.