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After having confirmed the eligibility of your project, fill out the proper grant application or contact your regional representative.

Located outside Canada?


Find a contact at the Alcoa location nearest you by using our Worldwide Locations tool.
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Grant application and reporting


Follow these instructions to obtain additional information and apply for a grant or sponsorship from Alcoa Foundation.

If you represent a Canadian organization, follow these four steps to submit an application:


1) Ensure your organization and project are located in a community where Alcoa is present.


2) Confirm the eligibility of your organization or project.


3) Ensure that your project complies with our Giving Guidelines and that it reflects at least one of Alcoa Foundation’s two Areas of Focus.


4) Select the grant program under which you will submit your application and complete the corresponding form:


Submitting an application for one of these programs does not guarantee funding from Alcoa or Alcoa Foundation.


If you have any questions, please contact the Foundation representative for your area.


Processing a grant or sponsorship application 

  • Applications for grants of $15,000 or less are reviewed every month. Organizations may submit an application before December 31 of any given year. A response is issued to applicants between 10 and 1e weeks following reception of their application. 
  • Please note that applications for grants of $15,000 or more and applications for ACTION programs are selected in the first quarter of any given year. They are first sent to the local installation’s  Community Advisory Committee for review. Applicants will receive a response in early spring.

Reporting guidelines for grants awarded since 2010 

In 2010, Alcoa Foundation implemented a new system to measure and communicate the impact, at every stage, of its commitments to Alcoa communities. Recipients of grants of $15,000 or more since 2010 have been required to submit on-line interim and final grant reports. These reports enable us to maintain a dialogue with our partners, follow their achievements, and better understand their innovative and promising initiatives and practices.