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Giving guidelines


Alcoa Foundation invests in communities where Alcoa has facilities by establishing partnerships to meet local needs. Its investment decisions are made in consultation with community stakeholders and based on local priorities and circumstances.


Areas of Focus 

Alcoa Foundation grants are awarded in the following two Areas of Focus aimed at fostering community involvement in helping improve the environment and develop the leaders of tomorrow:

  • Environment: Bring about meaningful and systemic improvements in environmental sustainability through support for research, dialogue, standards and actions.
  • Education: Invest in educational endeavors where Alcoa, as an aluminum integration and innovation company, can offer our expertise and make a difference.


Focused giving 

In determining where to invest, Alcoa Foundation looks for non-profit partners that:

  • Demonstrate a high rate of success with past projects;
  • Have the organizational capacity and staff to manage and complete projects.


And projects that:

  • Produce measurable long-term results;
  • Can be effectively implemented and ultimately continued without our funding;
  • Are replicable and can be shared with other organizations looking to produce similar results;
  • Demonstrate commitment to the inclusion of diverse and/or underrepresented populations.


We give priority consideration to programs and organizations active in

or around the communities where Alcoa plants or offices are located. Organizations interested in applying for a grant should contact the Alcoa facility nearest them.


Local Foundation contacts in our host communities will  submit grant applications to local Community Advisory Committees, then consulted by each plant to select grant recipients for their area.


Applications for grants of $15,000 or less are reviewed every month. Organizations may submit an application before December 31 of any given year. A response is issued to applicants between 10 and 12 weeks following reception of their application. Applications for grants of $15,000 or more and applications for ACTION programs must be submitted before December 31 of any given year. They will be sent to the local Community Advisory Committees for review during the first quarter of the year. Applicants will receive a response in spring.