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Alcoa Foundation’s Senior Management Team


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Canadian Lead Team


Lysane Martel
Director, Alcoa Foundation, Canada and member of the Board of Directors of Alcoa Foundation 
Mélissa St-Pierre
Coordinator, Alcoa Foundation, Canada
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Alcoa Canada Primary Products
Baie-Comeau, QC - Dominic Martin
Deschambault, QC - Lucille Montambault
Bécancour, QC - Sara Dubé
Montréal, QC - Jacinthe-Pascale Gratton
Vaughan, ON - Robert McCaw

Lethbridge, AB - Anumeha Baldner
Pointe-Claire, QC - Joe Gurreri


Georgetown, ON - Erin Handley
Laval, QC - Luc Blondeau


Alcoa Canada
Grants covering more than one region
Jacinthe-Pascale Gratton