Meeting global challenges, responding to local needs

Alcoa Foundation is one of the largest corporate foundations in the U.S., with assets of approximately US$468 million. For over 50 years, it has been committed to supporting Alcoa communities worldwide, investing close to US$600 million since 1952.


In addition to responding to local needs identified by Alcoa communities, Alcoa Foundation seeks to find solutions to broader sustainability issues, like climate change.


In 2013, our plants, Alcoa Foundation and our employees maintained their contribution and grow their commitment toward dozens of initiatives and organizations dedicated to the environment and education.



The work of Alcoa Foundation is enhanced by the commitment of thousands of employee volunteers in Canada who, every day, play an active role in making our communities safer, stronger and more innovative. Over the last five years, they have volunteered over 210,000 hours of their time and donated more than US$1.1 million to more than 300 organizations through Alcoa Foundation’s volunteer support programs.  


Sensitive to the needs of the communities where they live and work, Alcoa employees took part in a great number of community and volunteer activities in 2013 that contributed to the well-being of their neighbors and friends. The concrete results of these actions, combined with 44 collective volunteer projects organized in 2013, speak volumes about the enduring commitment of our people.


In Québec, Alcoa Foundation awarded US$1,085,000 to some 30 local and regional organizations, most of them dedicated to the environment and to education, two Areas of Focus in which Alcoa Foundation invests more than two thirds of its budget. These contributions are instrumental to projects carried out in communities where installations of Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products are located.



Investment structure and partnership

At Alcoa, sustainability is an integral part of our culture and our core strategy, including how we work with the communities where we operate. We share a “mutual sustainability” with these communities to build economic success, environmental excellence and social responsibility. Alcoa Foundation invests 50% of its resources in global partnerships that focus on the following three elements:

  • Invest: Cultivate academic, non-governmental organization (NGO) and non-profit partnerships, specifically fellowships, research projects, events, competitions, training and development programs, and social enterprises that are action-oriented and produce tangible outcomes. 
  • Involve: Partner with far-reaching and innovative organizations that engage Alcoa employees, retirees, families, friends, customers and communities through hands-on activities, skills-based volunteerism and leadership opportunities. 
  • Inspire: Create ambassadors that advance our mission, support train-the-trainer programming, and provide teachers with resources and curriculums to reach students in creative and dynamic ways. Focus on diverse and underserved communities.


The other 50% is allocated to Alcoa business units and regions that have developed local community plans to address specific priorities and issues.


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