Community Engagement

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Combined community giving


Thousands of Alcoa Employees Volunteer during Worldwide Month of Service

Environmental commitment


Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products takes concrete action for the environment

Thanks to a grant from Alcoa Foundation, IMPACT World+ is launched 

Commitment to education


Alcoa Foundation encourages the exchange of best practices in the field of environmental education


Every year, Alcoa and Alcoa Foundation invest millions of dollars in the company’s host communities around the word. Whether at the global or local level, our grants are awarded to meet the needs and respond to the aspirations of our communities. This approach towards giving marshals the expertise, energy and shared values of Alcoa and Alcoa Foundation to leverage the best practices of socially responsible businesses around the world.


Alcoa Foundation and especially our people maintain a strong commitment to dozens of initiatives and organizations dedicated to the environment and to education, two Areas of Focus in which the Alcoa Foundation invests more than two thirds of its budget.


In addition to Alcoa Foundation grants, every Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products plant and Alcoa’s Canadian headquarters, offer grants and sponsorships to help meet special community needs. These contributions and those made possible by the engagement of our people totaled nearly $2.5 million in 2012 – funds injected in the communities we live and work in. In addition, we are donating $25 million over a 25-year period through the three Alcoa Sustainable Communities Funds.


Also on the environmental front, Alcoa Canada Global Primary Products is the lead partner for the Maison du développement durable and Alcoa Foundation was instrumental in the launch of a world first, a methodology for assessing life cycle impacts on a regional basis, developed by École Polytechnique de Montréal and known as IMPACT World+.