• Biodiversity

Consistent with its environmental policy, Alcoa actively endorses the concept of biodiversity conservation by operating in a manner that minimizes its impact on natural habitats and biological resources worldwide.


Preserving biodiversity is a key consideration when planning new operations, modernizing existing facilities, shutting down assets that are no longer operating, and in the day-to-day management of the lands we own. We seek to avoid sensitive areas whenever possible and to minimize the disturbance of natural habitats. We also work closely with communities and authorities to restore lands we have impacted in the most productive way possible, including where feasible, re-establishing pre-operating conditions.


Alcoa recognizes the potential ecological impacts of its facilities, and aims to minimize any negative impacts while promoting positive opportunities. To this end, the company has established a strategic sustainability goal for all of its locations that have substantive biodiversity values and land holdings – to develop a biodiversity management plan.


In Québec, characterization studies were conducted on our smelter lands (soil and underground water) as part of the Québec Government’s Industrial Waste Reduction program, resulting in better insight into the condition of these operating sites. We also signed the Déclaration de la collectivité de l'Île de Montréal, supporting the biodiversity and greening of the Island of Montréal.

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