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Tackling global challenges, meeting local needs


Alcoa Foundation invests in communities around the world where Alcoa has a presence. It is one of the largest corporate foundations in the United States, with assets of approximately US$480 million. Since 1952, it has invested over US$635 million to improve the quality of life in our communities. In 2015, the Foundation made grants of US$22 million to organizations all over the world.


Half of Alcoa Foundation’s budget is directed to establishing global partnerships to tackle major sustainability challenges such as climate change. The rest is shared among Alcoa facilities to meet local needs and priorities.


Most of Alcoa Foundation’s grants are made to projects presented by non-profit organizations focused on the environment and education. Since all investment decisions are made in collaboration with community stakeholders (lien vers 2.2.2 Consultation communautaire), the Foundation may broaden its areas of focus in response to local priorities.


Each year, approximately one million dollars is invested in Québec through Alcoa Foundation grants and programs.


Find out more about Alcoa Foundation’s partners and programs, and how to apply for a grant.


For more information about Alcoa Foundation’s actions around the world, go to the Foundation global Web site.




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