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Investing in the future of our communities


Our future is intimately linked to that of the communities we live and work in. As a global company, Alcoa’s goal is to contribute to the quality of life and sustainability of its communities.


Our community investment decisions are made in consultation with stakeholders, on priorities they identify, while being guided by our key themes—environmental sustainability and the education of future generations.


Alcoa Foundation, the Alcoa Sustainable Communities Funds and Alcoa Global Primary Products in Canada are our three investment levers allowing us to build lasting partnerships with non-profit organizations, teaching institutions, local governments and associations to meet local priorities.


Twelve months a year, our employees compound our impact in our communities by giving thousands of hours of volunteering hours in support of causes they believe in. Alcoa supports their efforts by offering financial contributions to these causes. Our employees make community engagement part of who we are.


In 2015, the Alcoa, Alcoa Foundation and Alcoa Sustainable Communities Funds teamed up to invest over $3.2 million in Québec.




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