• Training

A Pillar of Performance Management

Employees are offered many opportunities to upgrade their skills and gain experience in other areas of expertise, ranging from health and safety to team project management and sector-specific techniques. Temporary and permanent job postings allow our employees to diversify their skills and move forward in their career development.


On-site training experts at our plants help employees develop their technical or management skills. Every year, thousands of hours of training are provided to ensure that these skills remain cutting-edge, especially in areas like health and safety, production, continuous improvement and environmental protection.


For over five years, we have been deploying the Human Performance program in each of our facilities. Under this program, we analyze and optimize our approach to human resources management so that each of our employees becomes a participant in changing our health and safety culture.




Approximately 96% of our employees work in metal production and transformation, equipment maintenance and technical support. These operations require a high degree of theoretical and practical know-how. For this reason, our classroom and on-site training has increased. This training effort also reflects workforce renewal, mainly as a result of retirements.