• Engineered Products and Solutions


This Business Unit covers three businesses across three main end markets (aerospace, industrial gas turbines and commercial transportation):

  • Power and Propulsion: Multi-material airfoils for jet engines and industrial gas turbines;
  • Fastening Systems: Multi-material fasteners for aerospace and transportation vehicles;
  • Forgings and Extrusions: Large and complex, multi-material fabricated parts and structures used across various end markets such as aerospace, automotive, defense and oil and gas. Focused on aerospace and industrial markets that rely on high performance multi-materials.


In Canada, it integrates the following operations:


Alcoa Cast Products

This operation specializes in complex castings for the aerospace industry, as well as for defense and commercial applications. It offers its partners integrated solutions such as simultaneous engineering, production, machining, surface treatments and the assembly of molded aluminum parts. The plant in Georgetown, Ontario, specializes in small to medium complex cored castings, while the Laval, Québec plant is a world leader in the production of medium to large complex castings using the lost wax casting process.


Alcoa Titanium and Engineered Products (ATEP)

In Montréal, ATEP produces and integrates aluminum, steel and titanium machined components and complex mechanical and electrical assemblies for the aerospace and transport industries. These components are used in structures, hydraulic systems and pilot flight control. ATEP has full capability in its state-of-the-art facility for the finishing and surface treatment of machined components.