• Energy Efficiency


To achieve sustainable development, energy conservation must be part of everything we do – both at work and at home.


In Québec, Global Primary Products is committed to optimizing energy use in its facilities and promoting conservation among its employees and partners. Continuous improvement in energy efficiency is contingent upon the following strategies:

  • Measuring, to track performance and understand where and how energy is used. 
  • Raising awareness, to help change behaviors and habits at every level. 
  • Training, to perfect skills in energy management and use. 
  • Applying maintenance, engineering and procurement standards focused on energy efficiency. 
  • Stimulating innovation, exchange and networking, to accelerate the identification and use of best practices and technologies. 
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement using audits and prioritizing them as follows:
    - Reduction at the source;
    - Avoiding waste;
    - Energy recovery. 
  • Implementing and executing projects quickly and proactively to seize opportunities for energy savings.