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2010 — Environment

Alcoa Canada Primary Products wins a CIPEC Leadership Award

Ten companies that are working at the forefront of an industrial energy efficiency revolution were honoured at the CIPEC Leadership Awards on November 24. This signature event of the Energy 2009 conference was attended by more than 400 industry leaders.
From more energy-efficient ways to manufacture potato chips, aluminum and beer, the awards covered a cross-section of Canadian industry. And while the winning projects were as diverse as the products they represent, all had one thing in common.
“The winners all showed an outstanding commitment to improving industrial energy efficiency. They are all the kind of lean and green organizations that are energizing their bottom line with energy efficiency,” said Glenn Mifflin, Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of North Atlantic Refining and Chair of the CIPEC Executive Board. According to Mifflin, master of ceremonies for the awards dinner, “We have to spread the message that energy efficiency remains the most cost-effective way to avoid emissions. This is good news as we face a carbon-constrained future. It’s also good news in these tough economic times when every penny we spend must be justified.”
Monitoring and tracking winners: Alcoa Canada Primary Products (four locations in Québec) and Redpath Sugar Ltd. (Toronto, Ontario). 
For projects that enhance a company’s ability to provide accurate reports on energy consumption for its facilities or across the organization.
Aluminum producer Alcoa Canada Primary Products tracks and monitors the energy consumption of its 34 industrial furnaces at its four facilities and reports monthly to regional management and the regional energy committee. High or unusual patterns of energy use are investigated, and corrective action is taken. The resulting annual energy savings are approximately 27%, with a reduction of around 15,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

From left to right: Glenn Mifflin, Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of North Atlantic Refining and Chair of the CIPEC Executive Board; Francis Caron, Director, Research and Development and André Beaulieu, Energy Leader, Alcoa Canada Primary Products; and Malcolm Brown, Associate Deputy Minister, Natural Resources Canada

Source: Heads Up CIPEC Newsletter, January 1, 2010, Vol. XIV, No. 1