Sustainability Case Studies

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2010 — Our People

AlcoaLearn: a new training system

Over the last few years, developing our people has been identified as an important factor in attracting talent to our organization and retaining our in-house expertise.
With this in mind, the Learning Solutions group in Pittsburgh was enlisted to standardize the processes and training content offered across the Company. This included training on ethics and professional conduct, 4 E and 1 P competencies, and selected health and safety training modules.
This initiative resulted in the roll-out of a global computer system called AlcoaLearn. This new system offers a number of advantages, notably a complete library of interactive on-line training modules on a variety of topics and a more efficient strategy for rolling out learning activities that focuses on the interactive capabilities of on-line training. Since AlcoaLearn will become the common platform shared by all plants around the world, it will enable us to share the development initiatives and best practices of our facilities – and benefit from those of others.
By optimizing new technologies and training methods, the roll-out of this simple and user-friendly system was launched at the end of 2009 and will be available to all plants worldwide by the end of 2010.