Alcoa operates in more than 200 locations in 30 countries.

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Country City Name
United States 
Alcoa Global Center 
  Alcoa, TN
Alcoa Tennessee Operations 
  Alcoa Center, PA
Alcoa Technical Center 
  Arkadelphia, AR
Alcoa - Gum Springs 
  Arlington, TX
Alcoa Fastening Systems - Arlington 
  Badin, NC
Alcoa Badin Works 
  Badin, NC
  Baltimore, MD
Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions -- Halethorpe 
  Barberton, OH
Alcoa Barberton 
  Bloomsburg, PA
Kawneer Company, Inc. - Bloomsburg 
  Branford, CT
Alcoa Howmet - Branford, CT 
  Carmel, IN
Alcoa Fastening Systems -- Indianapolis Distribution 
  Carson, CA
Alcoa Fastening Systems -- Carson, United States 
  Chandler, AZ
Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions -- Chandler 
  Chillicothe, OH
Alcoa Subassembly and Logistics - Chillicothe 
  City of Industry, CA
Alcoa Fastening Systems -- City of Industry, United States 
  Cleveland, OH
Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions - Cleveland, Ohio 
  Cleveland, OH
Alcoa Howmet, Tempcraft - Cleveland, OH 
  Cleveland, OH
Alcoa Power and Propulsion - Cleveland, OH 
  Cranberry Township, PA
  Danville, IL
Alcoa North American Rolled Products - Danville 
  Davenport, IA
Alcoa North American Rolled Products - Davenport Works 
  Denton, TX
Alcoa Subassembly and Logistics - Denton 
  Dover, NJ
Alcoa Howmet - Dover, NJ 
  Eastman, GA
Alcoa Building & Construction - Eastman 
  Elmendorf, TX
Alcoa Mill Products - San Antonio 
  Evansville, IN
Alcoa Warrick Operations - Evansville 
  Farmington Hills, MI
Alcoa Automotive Center - Farmington Hills 
  Ferndale, WA
Intalco Works 
  Fullerton, CA
Alcoa Fastening Systems -- Fullerton, United States (Plant 1) 
  Fullerton, CA
Alcoa Fastening Systems -- Fullerton, United States (Plant 2) 
  Goose Creek, SC
Alcoa Mt. Holly  
  Hampton, VA
Alcoa Howmet - Hampton, VA 
  Herndon, VA
Alcoa Fastening Systems - Herndon 
  Hutchinson, KS
Alcoa Aerospace Center - Hutchinson 
  Kingston, NY
Alcoa Fastening Systems -- Kingston, United States 
  Knoxville, TN
Primary Metals & Alcoa Materials Management 
  Lafayette, IN
Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions -- Lafayette 
  Lake Charles, LA
Alcoa - Lake Charles 
  Lancaster, PA
Alcoa North American Rolled Products - Lancaster 
  LaPorte, IN
Alcoa Howmet - LaPorte, IN 
  Longview, WA
Alcoa-Northwest Alloys Longview 
  Malaga, WA
Alcoa - Wenatchee 
  Massena, NY
Alcoa Massena Operations 
  Morristown, TN
Alcoa Howmet - Morristown, TN 
  Newbury Park, CA
Alcoa Fastening Systems -- Newbury Park, United States (Plant 1) 
  Newbury Park, CA
Alcoa Fastening Systems -- Newbury Park, United States (Plant 2) 
  Norcross, GA
  Pittsburgh, PA
Alcoa Corporate Center -- Pittsburgh 
  Point Comfort, TX
Alcoa World Alumina L.L.C. - Point Comfort 
  Rockdale, TX
Alcoa Primary Metals - Rockdale, United States 
  Simi Valley, CA
Alcoa Fastening Systems -- Simi Valley, United States 
  Sparks, NV
Alcoa - Reno 
  Springdale, AR
Kawneer Company, Inc. - Springdale 
  Sylmar, CA
Alcoa Fastening Systems -- Sylmar, United States 
  Texarkana, TX
Alcoa North American Rolled Products - Texarkana 
  The Woodlands, TX
Alcoa Oil & Gas - Houston 
  Torrance, CA
Alcoa Fastening Systems -- Torrance, United States 
  Tucson, AZ
Alcoa Fastening Systems -- Tucson, United States 
  Visalia, CA
Kawneer Company, Inc. - Visalia 
  Waco, TX
Alcoa Fastening Systems -- Waco, United States 
  Whitehall, MI
Alcoa Howmet - Whitehall, MI 
  Wichita Falls, TX
Alcoa Howmet - Wichita Falls, TX 
  Winsted, CT
Alcoa Howmet - Winsted, CT