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Ombrière PhotovoltaïqueAA1462

Curtain wall and glass for production of electricity by solar energy.

The Photovoltaic AA 110 is a curtain wall and glass designed to produce electricity by solar energy. The Photovoltaic AA 110 is manufactured in same way as a traditional curtain wall.
  • Residential or non-residential
  • New or refurbishing
Innovative and original architectural appearance of the cladding or glass.

Option of changing the concentration of photovoltaic cells in the glass so that the amount of electricity produced can be varied and the amount of incoming sunlight can be limited. 
Developed in partnership with BP Solar, the double photovoltaic windows provide an output of 16% of the energy captured.

Compliant with the aims of the climate plan, encouraging production of renewable energy in buildings.

Possibility of having part of the project subsidised.



Possibility of resale of electricity by connecting to the network.

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Collège Grésivaudan, Meylan (38); Project Manager: Conseil Général Rhone Alpes
Collège Grésivaudan, Meylan (38);
Project Manager: Conseil Général Rhone Alpes

Curtain Wall AA 110 Photovoltaic
Curtain Wall AA 110 Photovoltaic

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