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Door: Insulated 1473 KANADA

  • Easy to fabricate
  • Solid
  • Thermal Insulation

The 1473 Kanada door series is compatible with the frame sections of other thermal-break ranges, thus allowing the integration of doors in all ensembles, comprising fixed, French style and Italian style as well as more complex veranda-type projects.
  • Multiple-occupancy or individual residences
  • Verandas
  • Non-residential
  • New or refurbishing
Frame types:
1473 Frame types:

Window aesthetics and choice of doorsteps:

1473 Window aesthetics and choice of doorsteps:

Attractive and in harmony with other casement windows and sliding windows.
Adjustable supporting hinges for a finish of unbeatable quality.
Can accommodate all types of decorative or glazed panels.
Paint in all the colours of the RAL Label Qualicot range. Anodisation class 20 (natural shade, bronze, gold and stainless steel).
Window and casement joint in EPDM available in black and grey, harmonising with the colour of the door.
Windows can be painted in two colours.
100% compatible with the other Kawneer products.
Thermal comfort
The openings are designed to accommodate padding of up to 39 mm, facilitating the integration of double-glazed windows with strong thermal insulation, anti-breakage or noise attenuation systems, with or without small pieces of wood built in.

Reinforced doorstep waterproofing.
Performance for air (A) water (E) wind (V): A*3 E*4B V*A2
It is possible to control the door in three dimensions to facilitate on-site maintenance..
Acoustic insulation:
-30 dB with glass 4/14/6
-35 dB with glass 442 silence/14/442 security

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Villa Serre
Villa Serre

Door: Insulated 1473 KANADA
Door: Insulated 1473 KANADA

Villa Serre
Villa Serre

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