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Reynobond with Kevlar composite panels

Now there's a panel system that can stop hurricane-propelled debris in its tracks -- without backer materials.

New Reynobond® with KEVLAR® composite paneling is an innovative, hurricane-resistant composite panel solution that combines all the weight and flexibility benefits the industry has come to expect from Reynobond with the impact-resistant strength that can only come from KEVLAR®.

Celebrated around the world as the lifesaving material in bullet-resistant vests and body armor, DuPont™ KEVLAR® is five times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis.

By adding a thin layer of KEVLAR® fabric to Reynobond's polyethylene core, Alcoa has created the only light, flexible aluminum composite panel that can withstand hurricane-propelled debris and similar types of impact — without the use of backer materials.

Reynobond with KEVLAR® is easy to use because it carries all the distinct design and fabrication advantages of standard Reynobond. It's easy to maintain thanks to its 20-year performance warranty on its painted finishes. And it's easy to install — making its cost comparable to that of brick and stucco.

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