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Reynobond Copper

created specifically for us as an interior or exterior wall accent panel.

Created specifically for use as an interior or exterior wall accent panel, Reynobond Copper blends the natural beauty of copper with the flatness and formability of composite panels. This timeless metal lends a classic look to any architectural project.

Reynobond Copper Product Basics

Performance and Application Basics
Reynobond Copper is created specifically for use as an interior or exterior wall accent panel, providing the flatness and formability of Reynobond at a lighter weight than heavy gauge copper sheet and plate.

Reynobond Copper forms a natural green patina, transforming its bright natural finish to a distinguished, classic look.

Reynobond Copper should only be installed with fasteners and extrusions made of stainless steel or copper.

Special machining and fabrication guidelines need to be taken into consideration due to the unique metallurgical properties of copper.

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