A Breath of Fresh Air - Alcoa Home Exteriors Introduces Ventura Hidden Vent Soffit
PITTSBURGH--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 29, 2004--Hiking ... walking the dog ... going on a bike ride ... sitting on the patio ... opening a window. We all crave fresh air. It gives us energy, boosts our spirits and lowers stress. Like us, your home needs fresh air too - especially in the attic/roof area. Attic ventilation is crucial to the overall condition of your house as it creates the necessary airflow to reduce moisture buildup, keep energy costs low, diminish weather damage and preserve the life of your roof.

Proper ventilation will create a healthy environment for your home and will enhance energy efficiency. According to the Federal Housing Authority, a house requires one square foot of natural vent space for each 150 square feet of attic floor space. A home can utilize multiple ventilation techniques but one of the most common and economical is the use of natural ventilation. This method employs a combination of strategically placed inlet and outlet vents which provide a continuous flow of air through the attic. Inlet vents, such as vented soffit, are located low on the roof - under the eaves. Outlet vents, like gable and ridge vents, are located near the top of the roof or at the roof ridge.

Ventilation occurs as the soffit vent inhales fresh outside air, where it proceeds into the attic and pushes the warm stale air out through the roof, ridge or gable vents. In the winter, these vents allow cold air to flow into the attic which thwarts ice dams and prevents moisture buildup. In summer, your attic can get dangerously hot - sometimes soaring above 150 degrees. The soffit and ridge vents work in conjunction, allowing the hot air to escape - which is a natural way to reduce utility bills.

Alcoa Home Exteriors, a leading manufacturer of building products, introduces the newest addition to its premium soffit and fascia series - Ventura Hidden Vent Soffit. According to Alcoa analysis, Ventura ventilated soffit delivers up to 50% more ventilation space than other leading hidden vent panels and better ventilation than standard soffit.

In addition to supplying vital air circulation through a home, Ventura Hidden Vent Soffit provides an enhanced aesthetic finish to porch ceilings, eaves and overhangs while it invisibly ventilates the entire soffit area. Ventura's unique ventilation design is hidden deep within all six walls of the soffit panel. The soffit is sculpted in a smooth, clean profile with no visible vents, which gives homes a finished look and adds curb appeal. Ventura Hidden Vent Soffit utilizes a superior locking system, which stays secure under pressure, and features a rollover nail hem, capable of withstanding 160 mph winds.

The product is available in a matte finish triple 3 1/3" profile - in both hidden vent and non-ventilated soffit/wainscot styles. The Ventura color palette consists of 19 shades, including white, colonial yellow, village green, musket brown, and all hues in between. Ventura is coated with GELOY, GE Plastics' high-performance resin, which adds extra UV protection and assures fade-resistant color.

Ventura Hidden Vent Soffit is backed with Alcoa Home Exteriors Registered Medallion Lifetime Warranty and the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. For information on Ventura Hidden Vent Soffit or other Alcoa products, visit Alcoa Home Exteriors on the Web at alcoahomes.com or call (800) 962-6973.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Alcoa Home Exteriors, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcoa, is a leading U.S. manufacturer of vinyl and aluminum products for the remodeling and new construction markets. Alcoa Home Exteriors offers 43 years of experience in manufacturing and marketing a broad selection of exterior building products, including siding, shutters & window treatments, soffit & fascia, and designer accents. Alcoa Home Exteriors operates manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina, Texas and Georgia. Training facilities are located in Ohio and Pennsylvania. For more information, visit www.alcoahomes.com or call (800) 962-6973.

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