Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards–Baltimore Ravens

Alcoa Is All Over Football Country

Football season in the U.S. transforms chilly fall weekends into mass migrations of bundled up fans, heading out for the big event. More and more, they’re finding themselves watching the action at a new generation of stadiums that offer more comfort, more safety and a better view of the action – thanks in part to a new generation of architectural products from Alcoa.

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the place to go is Heinz Field, home of the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers. When you enter this brand-new facility only three blocks from Alcoa’s Corporate Center, you may not realize that building systems made by Alcoa’s Kawneer Company almost completely surround you. As you push through the tough aluminum and glass doors on your way to the 6,500 club seats, the corner welding withstands the motions of thousands of openings, along with the safe and easy grip handles.

Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, also features extra heavy duty entrance doors by Kawneer.

The Glass Curtain
Most visible from the exterior of many stadiums are the multi-story expanses of glass and aluminum known as “curtain wall.” When you visit the club lounge at Heinz Field, you view the Pittsburgh skyline through a floor-to-ceiling curtain wall that Kawneer has thermally enhanced to prevent the intrusion of winter cold or summer heat in stadiums and other buildings.

Luxury Suite Steelers ticket holders can watch the game through custom sliding doors with the narrowest aluminum framing for an unobstructed view. Baltimore's Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards features a similar door, slim frame and hardware system. And in the press boxes, media cover the game behind specially designed, maximum-view custom sliding windows.

At half-time, Steelers souvenir hunters pass through Kawneer sliding mall fronts that can be completely recessed to give them quick and easy access to the merchandise before the game continues.

Composite Panels
Kawneer systems in football stadiums and many other professional and college sports stadiums worldwide are only part of the Alcoa role in today’s sports palaces.

Alcoa Cladding Systems provides aluminum composite panels in matching team colors for concession stands, kiosks, signage and exhibits at stadiums such as the Green Bay Packers’ new Lambeau Field. Larger aluminum composite material panels in various forms are frequently visible on the facades of major football stadiums, including the home venues of the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos and Cleveland Browns.

Spill-proof bleachers
Alcoa’s Alumax seating for sports facilities uses a unique interlocking design for strength and stability. The stadium seats also include a feature that traps spilled liquids by channeling them into a collection chamber and routing them to a guttering system. This prevents tips and spills falling onto unsuspecting fans sitting below and those who are coming and going, buying tickets or concessions. This feature was much appreciated at a recent Alumax project, a large high school football stadium in Camden, Arkansas.

Founded in 1906, Kawneer has a long history of providing architectural systems for football stadiums and has supplied engineering expertise to find the best line up for these complex projects that range from professional to college and Olympic sports venues.

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Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards–Baltimore Ravens

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