Green Buildings Start with Alcoa Aluminum

Aluminium Centrum
Houten, the Netherlands
Lightweight - This building is held up by 368 aluminum columns to accentuate the lightness and strength of aluminum.
Agora Theater
Lelystad, the Netherlands
Fits into the environment - The color of this futuristic theater shifts depending on the view and light, an effect made possible by façade cladding and folds in the aluminum.
Marina Condominiums
Madison, Wisconsin
Durable - Clad with silver corrugated aluminum panels, the exterior of this structure is both durable and striking.
Marine Operations Centre
Aberdeen, UK.
Corrosion Resistant - Longer building life. Situated just 6-1/2 feet from the edge of the harbor wall, the aluminum curtain wall facade withstands high winds, cold temperatures and a wet, salty climate.
Peakview Tower
Centennial, Colorado
Formability - Aluminum curtain walling was selected for this new office building because of aluminum's infinite range of design possibilities.
Lille, France
Recyclable - Aluminum is infinitely recyclable. Up to 98% of aluminum used by the building and construction industry is recycled. The sector used 10.8 million tons of recycled aluminum in 2006.
Alcoa Corporate Center
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
There's no place like home for green buildings: Constructed in 1998, Alcoa's aluminum-and-glass Corporate Center in Pittsburgh used many design ideas that are now standards in the Green Building portfolio.
Peel Regional Office
Pinjarra Australia
The state-of-the art building falls in line with Alcoa's global commitment to sustainability and was designed to achieve a 4-star Australian Building Greenhouse Rating.

Aluminum has always offered unique advantages for designing the shape, appearance and finish of modern buildings. Today it offers an even more important advantage: sustainability. New aluminum components and designs optimize natural lighting and shade, enhance energy management, and support designs that make the most of the physical environment. And aluminum's unmatched recyclability gives architects a key tool to design with cradle-to-cradle lifecycles in mind.

When you combine Green building advantages with aluminum's well-known aesthetic and design benefits, it's little wonder that today's advanced LEED® certified Green Buildings start with Alcoa Aluminum.