In December 2008, Alcoa and the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to enable more detailed studies into the feasibility of establishing an aluminium smelter in Brunei Darussalam. The 2008 MOU superseded an original MOU signed in 2003 and a supplement signed in 2005. In January 2010, the MOU was further extended to enable determination of feasibility to continue.

Project Value Proposition
The proposed development of an aluminium industry offers the opportunity to create a long-term foundation for strengthening and stabilizing the Brunei national electricity grid. The project will be a major customer at the proposed new port at Pulau Muara Besar.

In addition, the introduction of a high-tech industry will inject new skills, technologies, business, and employment opportunities into the Brunei economy; generate around 600 to 700 full-time, permanent jobs once operational; and contribute significant export revenue to the Brunei economy.