June 18, 2013

Volunteers from Alcoa make improvements to the Bem-te-vi Infant Education Center


Around 50 people, including Alcoans, employees from partner companies and of the crèche, and the parents of students planted a vegetable garden, organized the classrooms and generally gave the Bem-te-vi Infant Education Center a makeover


Students from the Bem-te-vi CEI (Infant Education Center) had a pleasant surprise when they got to school on Monday June 17. The classrooms were better organized and the walls and fences had been painted. In the front of the school they found a flower garden and at the back a garden with vegetables, salad greens and herbal tea plants.


This was the result of the work done by around 50 people, including Alcoans, employees from the crèche and partner companies (Comercial Rio das Antas and Industrial Pinturas) and the parents of students, who dedicated the morning of Saturday June 15 to carrying out yet another community action, the 4th ACTION of 2013. The event was part of the Green Works program of activities of the Alcoa unit in Poços de Caldas and of the celebrations of the Company’s 125 years.


The opening of the community action was attended by the mayor, Eloísio do Carmo Lourenço, who was accompanied by representatives from the Municipal Education Department. In greeting and thanking the volunteers, Eloísio stressed how important this type of action was for the community. “Your work is fundamental and of great benefit to the community, and done in a much quicker way than if it had been carried out by government”, the mayor pointed out. “In addition to the improvements, the action reinforces the integration and involvement of the company and the institution with people from the community”.


For Grace Barufaldi, coordinator of the Bem-te-vi CEI, this action represents the transformation of the physical space of the crèche into an even more agreeable place and one that is conducive to learning. “In the name of the children, their parents and crèche employees I can only thank all of the volunteers for their spirit of collaboration and union”, said the coordinator, who was visibly moved. “In each corner of our CEI there’s a little bit of Alcoa, which has been left by its community projects and the work of our Bravistas, for whom we have a lot of affection”.


Among the volunteers were Elieber Aparecido de Oliveira, an operative form the Pot Room, and Felipe Bochensky Siqueira, 9 years old, the son of Giuliano Siqueira, Refinery, Chemicals and Mining Manager. For Elieber, who lives in the neighborhood and is a member of an enthusiastic group of volunteers from Group 1 of the Pot Room, dedicating a little of his spare time to the community is a great satisfaction to him. “I feel enormous pleasure in seeing that the school is more attractive after our work and I’m proud to tell my children that I was part of this transformation”, said the operative.  Despite his tender years, Felipe Siqueira has already taken part in other actions with his father. “I was very happy to help improve the school and make it prettier for the children”, he said.


About the Alcoa Institute


Established in 1990, the mission of the Alcoa Institute is to generate a sustainability legacy in the communities in which Alcoa operates, through strategic and articulated projects that value and strengthen their potential. The Institute works with programs and actions for encouraging corporate voluntary work, among which are ACTION, BRAVO!, Green Works, the World Month of Community Service, the Program for Supporting Local Projects and its signature program, known as the ECOA (Community Environmental Education) Program in partnership with CIEDS. The areas considered to be a priority for actions or community projects are education, health, the environment, security, governance, work and income. Since 1995 the Alcoa Institute, along with the Alcoa Foundation, has invested some R$ 100 million in more than 1900 projects, benefiting 39 Brazilian cities and involving more than 1.4 million hours of voluntary work.
About Alcoa
Alcoa Alumínio S.A. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alcoa Inc. which is the world’s leading producer of primary aluminum and fabricated aluminum, as well as the world’s largest miner of bauxite and refiner of alumina. The company employs approximately 61,000 people in 30 countries and for the eleventh consecutive year the company is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. In Latin America and the Caribbean Alcoa has operations in Brazil, Jamaica and Suriname, which employ some 7,000 employees. This year it is completing 125 years of operations worldwide. 


In Brazil the company operates in the whole of the aluminum production chain from bauxite mining to the production of transformed products. Alcoa has six production units and three offices in the states of Maranhão, Minas Gerais, Pará, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, São Paulo and the Federal District. The company also has shareholdings in four hydroelectric power stations: Machadinho and Barra Grande on the border of the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul; Serra do Facão in Goiás; and Estreito, between Maranhão and Tocantins. In 2012 Alcoa recorded revenues of US$ 2.6 billion in Brazil. In the same year it was considered a benchmark in sustainability and was one of the year’s 21 model companies in the Guia Exame de Sustentabilidade [Exame magazine’s Sustainability Guide], as well as being recognized as one of the Best Places to Work for the 11th consecutive year and the Best Company for Women to Work in Brazil by the Great Place to Work Institute. For further information access and follow @Alcoa on Twitter in and on Facebook at