October 25, 2012

Volunteers take their solidarity to institutions in Belém and Juruti

Actions form part of Alcoa’s Worldwide Month of Community Service

Within the Worldwide Month of Community Service program, which takes place in all Alcoa units during October, last weekend was one of voluntary activities in the Belém and Juruti units. In a children’s party venue in the Pará capital, alcoans arranged a morning of fun and educational activities with children who are being helped by the Fabiano de Cristo Home.

Located in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the capital, the Fabiano de Cristo Home helps 250 children and teenagers who come from socially vulnerable families. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 are offered help the whole day, while the education of children between 6 and 12 is complemented with educational, artistic, recreational and sporting activities. As the Home is a unit in the Young Apprentice Program it also offers professional education for teenagers between 13 and 17. “Receiving an invitation to take part in this event is very gratifying because our children have few opportunities for moments like these”, emphasizes the teaching coordinator of the entity, Débora Ferreira.

According to Alcoa’s Manager for Government Relations, Ana Celeste Franco, the institution was chosen because it does educational work that is based on values and the formation of citizens who are concerned with the environment. “We’re already in the fourth year of this particular action here in Belém, and this is a time of great happiness for the children and for us. In addition to the games, snacks and gifts, they receive educational booklets and activities that focus on sustainability”, she says. The Fabiano de Cristo Home also received a computer from the Alcoa Institute.

Painting – In Juruti, in the west of Pará, a municipality that for three years has been home to a company bauxite mining undertaking, some 70 volunteers got together to paint artistic pictures in two classrooms of the Maria da Saúde Pereira Cunha Municipal School, one of which will be used for first grade elementary school students, and the other that will be used as a reading room. They also built a central garden in the school.

“For us this is an event of utmost importance, because it’s an action for helping the school and the students”, says the school’s principal, Leonora Silva. “Sometimes, the school is unable to carry out actions like this one, which can only benefit us, as it does the whole community”, she adds.

The Human Resources manager for Alcoa Juruti, Ana Luísa Winckler, says that the Actions (as volunteer activities carried out by Alcoa employees are called) allow people to get beyond the walls of the company. “Alcoans themselves are engaged. They’re going into areas and they’re inviting people; people are talking about this. It’s a very cool surprise for us when we get to an ACTION and there are a lot more people there than we were thinking there would be”, she declares.

The satisfaction is shared by those who are prepared to spend a day working on behalf of the community. For Alcoa systems analyst, Jeosafá Pinto, who has already worked as a volunteer in company actions, helping is the best reward. “Anyone who’s never had the opportunity to participate, should. When it’s over you’ll feel lighter; you’re going to recognize the fact that that you went out and helped the community”, she says.

The Worldwide Month of Community Service was officially opened in Pará on 18 October, with the donation of a toy library to the Francisco Rodrigues de Barros Municipal Hospital in Juruti. “When you have something like a toy library, it makes the children recover faster; their health improves and they feel better. It’s a great joy and immense satisfaction for us”, reports the Hospital’s vice director, Nelma Queiroz. “I just want to thank Alcoa for its help, and the municipality, and to thank everybody who donated materials. This is a great honor for us”, she says. “The Worldwide Month of Community Service is already a tradition for Alcoa. It’s in the month of October that 50,000 Alcoans from all over the world get involved with community service. Here in Brazil, and particularly in Juruti, our employees are highly engaged in these activities”, says the president of Alcoa Latin America & the Caribbean, Franklin Feder. “We understand that a company cannot live as though it were on an island. A company has to engage with the community and work alongside the community. Today is a special day, because we’re here in the Municipal Hospital”, he states.

Next actions – Volunteers from Alcoa will be in the Jabuti community, in the Planalto region, and in the República Square in Juruti on 27 and 31 October, respectively, for new actions within the Worldwide Month program. On 27 October employees will take fun and educational activities to children from the community and on the last day of the month, a walk will mark the launch of the Alcoans in Movement Program, which aims to encourage the community to practice physical activities.

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