July 21, 2008

Registration for the Alcoa Innovation in Aluminum Prize 2008 will close in 30 days

Eligible to take part in the competition are undergraduate students from all over Brazil, from any university course, post-graduate students and professionals who work with management projects and planning

In 22th August, registration will close for the 7th Alcoa Innovation in Aluminum Prize. Undergraduate students studying for any university degree, post-graduate students (specialization course) and professionals who work with management projects and planning can take part, without any distinction as to function, type of work they are involved with or the time they have been operating in the market.

Registration must be via Alcoa’s website (www.alcoa.com.br) for the categories Products & Applications (free topic) and Recycling Management (focusing on recycling aluminum, post-consumption waste or the waste generated in the production of consumer goods). The work will be judged and prizes awarded separately by category and type of participation (professional and student). 

The aim of the Prize is to stimulate creativity and disclose the ideas of Brazilian students and professionals from the sector, in addition to building ecological awareness among those taking part. The work that has been entered must be delivered by September 22. The finalists will be announced in November and the final order of the winners will be made public at the prize-award ceremony that is programmed to take place in December.

In the Student category, the competition is open to university students from all over the country who are enrolled in technology/undergraduate and post graduate (specialization) courses during the 2008 academic year. Participating teams may be multidisciplinary and consist of students from different courses, provided they are from the same institution. It is also possible to register in more than one category. The professional prize is also open in two categories: products & applications and recycling management.

For Franklin L. Feder, President of Alcoa Latin America and the Caribbean, the Competition contributes to the development of the Brazilian aluminum market and encourages students and professionals. “The Alcoa Innovation in Aluminum Prize is always evolving. It is very rewarding for us to see that, year after year, the Competition is distinguishing itself and attracting increasing numbers of both student and professional participants from all over Brazil. This generates a variety of innovative projects and better suggestions for recycling aluminum, which is in line with our ethical and sustainability concerns, which are Alcoa’s permanent values”, he says. 

Students and professionals can register their work in two categories: Products & Applications (the theme is free and new product presentations and applications in aluminum can compete) and Recycling Management, the focus of which is recycling aluminum (post-consumption waste and/or waste generated during the production of consumer goods).

The 7th Alcoa Innovation in Aluminum Prize has the institutional support of the main sector entities, such as the IAB (Institute of Architects of Brazil), the Engineering Institute, UniEthos-Education for Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, AEnD-BR (Association of Teaching/Research at University Level in Design in Brazil), ADP (Association of Product Designers), ABM (Brazilian Association of Metallurgy and Materials), ABEDESIGN (Brazilian Association of Design Companies and the São Paulo Design Center). The Alcoa Prize also has the technical support of the ABAL (Brazilian Aluminum Association). 

The student or team indicated by the judging panel as the author of the best work in each category will receive R$9,000 and a trophy and the professor/tutor will receive R$5,000. The teaching institution attended by the prize-winner will receive R$5,000 worth of teaching equipment. Professionals will receive a prize of R$11,000 in both categories. The three students who reach the final in each category will receive R$1,500 and a diploma. The same goes for the professionals who take part in the Prize competition, while the tutors of the student finalists will receive a palm top and a diploma. 

Those registered must send their work by post to the address mentioned in the Prize regulations. Judging will take place in the second half of October and will be carried out by two judging committees, one for each category. Clarification abut the Competition can be requested by e-mail from premioalcoa@alcoa.com.br. More information about the Alcoa Innovation in Aluminum Prize can be found at www.alcoa.com.br.

About Alcoa
Alcoa Alumínio S.A. is a subsidiary of Alcoa Inc., the world’s leading company in the production and transformation of aluminum, which operates in the aerospace, automotive, packaging, construction, transport and industrial markets, and has been in Brazil for 42 years. The Company has 123,000 employees in 44 countries and is a member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the sixth time. Alcoa is one of the founder-members of the United States Climate Action Partnership (USCAP), an association of 10 major North American companies and environmental NGOs, dedicated to working to significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.