August 6, 2007

6th Alcoa Innovation in Aluminum Prize records growth of 74% in the numbers registered

The number of those registered for the Prize that will choose the best work relating to new applications for aluminum and to aluminum recycling is growing every year. The registration of professionals contributed to this result, which was almost double the number for last year

Registration for the sixth Alcoa Innovation in Aluminum Prize closed on July 16, with an increase of 74% over 2006, with a total of 1,347 pieces of work registered. This growth shows that interest in the competition from students and academics continues to grow. The participation of professionals, something new this year, has also contributed considerably to the increase in the number of pieces of work entered; in 2002, its first, there were only 324 pieces of work. 

The courses with most projects registered were Mechanical Production Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism and Design. The State with the largest number was São Paulo (735), followed by Minas Gerais (49), Paraná (41) and Rio de Janeiro (33). The professionals who most registered were architects, designers, business administrators and engineers. The States that most contributed were São Paulo (118), Minas Gerais (57), Paraná (40) and Rio de Janeiro (28).

Students from almost all states in Brazil from courses in Design, Social Communication, Business Administration, Architecture and Urbanism, Engineering Economics, Physiotherapy, Fashion and others, from many teaching institutions registered with the idea of producing work from the countless possibilities that aluminum offers, in addition to contributing to the sustainable development of the aluminum production chain. Among the professionals who registered most of them were architects, designers, business administrators and engineers. 

Students and professionals registered their work in two categories: in the Project category where the theme was free, the presentation of new products and applications in aluminum compete, while the category, Management Planning covers work on management planning that uses creative solutions for developing the aluminum recycling market (post-consumption waste and/or waste generated in the production of consumer goods or products) and promoting sustainable development. 

The student or team indicated by the judging committee as the author of the bets work in each category will receive a R$ 9,000 and a trophy, while his/her professor-tutor will receive R$ 5,000. The teaching institution where the prize-winner studies will receive R$ 5,000 worth of teaching equipment. Professionals will have the right to a prize worth R$ 11,000 in both categories.

Yet a further differentiating factor this year is that the three students who are finalists in each category will each receive R$ 1,000; the same rule applies to the professionals who take part. Student tutors will receive a palm-top. 

In addition the regulations state that Alcoa at its own criterion may pay a special tribute to professionals or companies that distinguish themselves in the use, transformation, application and specification of the aluminum. 

Entered works must be delivered by August 31. The work must be sent by post to the address published in the Prize regulations. Judging will be carried out during the second half of September by two committees, one for each category. The finalists will be known in November and the winners by order will be published at the prize-award event in December.

Something else that is new in the Alcoa Innovation in Aluminum Prize is that this year it has the collaboration of the Brazilian Aluminum Association (ABAL), which will provide those registered with technical support by way of talks. As in the previous year, the competition will also have institutional support from entities such as the Institute of Architects of Brazil (IAB), the Engineering Institute, UniEthos, University Level Design Teaching/Research Association (AEnD-BR), the Association of Product Designers (ADP), the Brazilian Association of Metallurgy and Materials (ABM) and the São Paulo Design Center.

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