May 3, 2007

Entries are now being accepted for the Alcoa Innovation in Aluminum Prize, 2007

Students from all over Brazil on any university course, post-graduate students (in specialization course) and as from this year, professionals who work with management projects and planning

As from April 30 entries are being accepted for the 6th Alcoa Innovation in Aluminum Prize, which this year has something new – a professional category. In addition to students from any university course, now post-graduate (in specialization courses) and professionals who work with projects and management planning, regardless of the functional category, type or time they have been working in the market.

Enrollment must be done via Alcoa’s website ( for the Project (free-choice topic) and Management Planning (focusing on recycling aluminum, post-consumption waste, or waste generated in the production of consumer goods) Categories. The works will be judged and prizes awarded separately by category and participation modality (professionals and students).
The aim of the Prize is to stimulate creativity and divulge the ideas of Brazilian students and professionals from the sector, in addition to awakening an ecological awareness among participants. Entries will close on July 16 and the enrolled work must be handed in by August 31. The finalists will be known in November and the classification order of the winners will be announced at the prize-giving ceremony.
In the student category university students from all over the country, who are registered on technology/undergraduate and post-graduate (specialization) courses in the academic year 2007, may compete. The teams taking part may be multi-disciplinary, comprising students from different courses provided they are all from the same institution. It is also possible to enroll for more than one category. The new professional category is open to people who work in the areas of projects or management and business planning. 
Franklin L. Feder, President of Alcoa Latin America, points out that the competition is an already well-established initiative in academic circles and has contributed to strengthening the company-university partnership by stimulating creativity. “We’re going to extend this relationship and also honor professionals from the area”, said Feder.
“This competition is also a stimulus to the sustainability practices that Alcoa is widely involved with. Last year we created the aluminum recycling theme in the Management Planning category and we were really proud of the results of the work that was done. We want students once again to show the great ideas they have for the countless applications of aluminum and to contribute to sustainable development”, he added.  
Students and professionals may enroll their work in two categories: Project – a free-choice topic; new product presentations and applications in aluminum may compete-, and Management Planning – the focus of which is recycling aluminum (post-consumption waste or waste generated in the production of consumer goods).

Something else that is new in the Alcoa Innovation in Aluminum Prize this year is that it is counting on the collaboration of the Brazilian Association of Aluminum (ABAL), which will give technical support talks for those enrolled. As last year, the competition also has the institutional support of sector bodies, like the Institute of Architects of Brazil (IAB) the Institute of Engineering, UniEthos – Education for Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, a not-for-profit institution, working in research, knowledge production, operationalization and capacity-building for companies and academic institutions on the themes of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development - the Association for University Level Teaching/Research in Design in Brazil (AEnD-BR), the Association of Product Designers (‘ADP’), the Brazilian Association of Metallurgy and  Materials (ABM) and the São Paulo Design Center.

The student or team indicated by the judging committee as producing the best work in each category will receive R$ 9,000 and a trophy as prize, and their tutor will receive R$ 5,000. The teaching institution to which the prize-winner belongs will receive donations of teaching equipment worth R$ 5,000. Professionals will have the right to a prize of R$ 11,000 in both categories.
Yet another difference in the competition this year is that each of the three students who reach the final in each category will receive R$ 1,000. The same rule applies to the professionals who take part in the Prize, while the students’ tutors will each receive a palm-top. 
Those enrolled must send their work by post to the address published in the Prize award regulations. Judging will take place during the second half of September and will be done by two committees, one for each category. For more information about the Alcoa Innovation in Aluminum Prize visit the website,
About Alcoa
Alcoa Alumínio S.A. is a subsidiary of Alcoa Inc., the world’s leading company in the production and transformation of aluminum, which operates in the aerospace, automotive, packaging, construction, transport and industrial markets, and has been in Brazil for 42 years. The Company has 123,000 employees in 44 countries and in 2007, during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, was named for the third year running as one of the most sustainable companies in the world. The Company is also part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the fifth time.  Alcoa is one of the founding members of the United States Climate Action Partnership - USCAP, an association of 10 major North-American companies and environmental that are dedicated to working towards achieving a significant reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases.

In Latin America Alcoa has more than 6000 employees and operations in six Brazilian states (Pernambuco, Minas Gerais, Maranhão, Pará, São Paulo and Santa Catarina), including a new bauxite mine that is being set up in Juruti (PA).

It also has operations in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela. In addition to the Barra Grande and Machadinho power stations, Alcoa has shareholdings in the hydroelectric power station consortiums of Estreito, on the border between Tocantins and Maranhão states, and Serra do Facão, between Goiás and Minas Gerais. The company was recognized by the Corporate Good Citizenship Guide, 2006, published by ‘Exame’ magazine, in the areas of Values and Transparency and Government and Society.

Further information about Alcoa can be found on its website