Voluntary work

The Alcoa Institute, in a partnership with the Alcoa Foundation, develops programs that encourage voluntary work. These programs are always able to count on the effective participation of company employees and involve other actions in support of communities. The voluntary contribution of the employees is the foundation of community action in locations where Alcoa has a presence.


The ACTION (Alcoans coming together in our neighborhoods) Program was created in 2001 by the Alcoa Foundation. Its basis is a group of at least ten Alcoa employees, each doing four hours voluntary work for a not-for-profit organization. Once the task has been completed the institution receives a donation worth US$ 3000.
For the last ten years the objective of the BRAVO! Program has been to encourage Alcoa volunteers worldwide and recognize their efforts. Through this program, employees carry out 50 hours voluntary work during the year and outside their normal working hours in order for the chosen institution to receive a donation of US$ 250 from the Alcoa Foundation.

BRAVO! Brasil
In 2004 the Alcoa Institute created BRAVO! Brasil, a program that recognizes the efforts of Alcoa volunteer interns nationally. Each intern has to complete at least 40 hours of voluntary activities in the same institution in their free time for the Alcoa Institute to make a donation of R$ 275 to this institution.

Worldwide Month of Community Service
Every October, the Month of Community Service mobilizes Alcoa's global workforce to become involved in a major voluntary work effort. Promoted by the Alcoa Institute and the Alcoa Foundation, the event has been held every year since 2006. Volunteer employees dedicate themselves to various activities, with the intention of supporting the communities where they live. The activities include visits to institutions, talks, environmental education activities, task forces and other initiatives.

Green Weeks
The Green Weeks [Green Works in the U.S.] Program, a global initiative of the Alcoa Foundation, was created in 2011 to promote activities that focus on the environment, and in particular on Reducing, Recycling and Replenishing. Between April 21 and June 21, employees take part in various volunteer activities and contribute towards improving the environment. Actions include talks on environmental education, the revitalization of green areas, recycling, community actions and planting trees.

Mini-enterprise Program
In partnership with Junior Achievement, the Alcoa Institute has organized a Mini-enterprise Program since 1992, the objective of which is to develop an entrepreneurial spirit in young high school students. With a 60-hour workload, spread over a 15-week period, the program is administered by volunteer professionals from different areas in Alcoa, who guide the students in how to manage a company, from its foundation to its operating statement. More than 2000 students have already undertaken the training program in Poços de Caldas (MG), Juruti (PA), Santo André (SP), São Luís (MA) and São Paulo (SP).