Alcoa’s aluminum tiles, Alcoflon, are used in roofing and lateral closing systems for buildings like shopping malls, airports, industrial premises and warehouses.

They are highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion, which guarantees the product has a long service life. Alcoa also offers tiles painted in various color options for application on roofs and in curtain walls and interiors, offering a modern and pleasant aspect.

Aluminum tiles have a great capacity for reflecting the sun’s rays and quickly dissipate accumulated heat, thus providing the environment with a more comfortable temperature. They are also recyclable and do not absorb humidity.

They come in trapezoidal or corrugated models, in thicknesses ranging from 0.4 mm to 1.00 mm and in widths of 1265 mm for the trapezoidal model and 1345 mm for the corrugated model. Tiles are supplied in made-to-measure lengths of up to 12 meters.