Hydroelectric Serra do Facão


Environmental responsibility is one of the directives that guide the decisions and activities of SEFAC and are expressed in all the company does, from adopting operational procedures to carrying out projects for environmental conservation and improvements in the quality of life of the population. In addition to complying with environmental legislation the Serra do Facão Hydropower Station implementation project prioritized the preparation of social and environmental programs and actions, with the objective of contributing to environmental preservation and promoting the sustainable development of the municipalities in the affected area.

Its social and environmental programs are based on fundamental principles, such as conservation of the biodiversity, the application of natural resources, valuing regional knowledge and culture and promoting social and economic sustainability. These projects include everything from actions in the area of environmental monitoring and management to aspects relating to tourism and public security, and also including activities like the management of water resources, cataloguing and conserving fauna and flora, environmental education, handicrafts, support for commercial and service activities and fostering local production activities.

One of the highlights of the environmental initiatives is the publication of the Fauna Guide to the region where the Serra do Facão power station is located. The illustrated catalogue has information about 58 species of fauna that live in the cerrado biome and that were logged when the basic environmental program was being developed. The publication, which is distributed in schools in the municipalities in the areas of influence of the power station, records in visual, simple and pleasant language the scientific knowledge that exists about the region’s rich fauna. Planting native trees in the Permanent Preservation Area (APP) of the reservoir was also one of the activities provided for in the Operating License.




Hydroelectric Serra do Facão