Hydroelectric Serra do Facão


The socially responsible action of SEFAC is one of the company’s most  important principles. The target is to sign partnerships and establish concrete actions that provide significant benefits for the local population. Government, for example, is a strategic partner in carrying out urban infrastructure building work and for strengthening public services.

To ensure transparency and reliability in its actions SEFAC maintains permanent dialogue with the population using various tools, like the Communication Center and setting up commissions that count on the participation of local leaders from municipalities located alongside the reservoir. This enables the company to adopt practices and methods that lead to improvements in the quality of life of the community.

Benefits for the population

Construction of the Serra do Facão Hydroelectric Power Station brought improvements to local communities. In the six municipalities located in the area directly affected, in addition to the jobs it has created, SEFAC contributes with various activities, such as:


  • Programs for promoting environmental education;

  • Reallocation and support for production activities;

  • Reorganization projects;

  • Introduction of social projects;

  • Archaeological preservation and rescuing actions;

  • Production of scientific technical books;

  • Valuing cultural heritage;

  • Application of resources in conservation units;

  • Providing technical assistance for rural families;

  • Carrying out infrastructure work in the areas of health, education, social assistance and public security.




Hydroelectric Serra do Facão