Alcoa is the only manufacturer of forged aluminum wheels in the world and equips vehicles made by the most important assemblers. The innovation begins with the production process, since the wheels are forged from a single block of aluminum and need no welding.

Forged aluminum wheels are indicated for all commercial vehicle segments, such as trucks, buses, mini-buses and half-trailers and provide various benefits. They are 50% lighter than steel wheels, which results in a saving of up to 800 kg in the total weight of the vehicle. This reduction guarantees an increase in the load carried and a reduction in fuel.

Forged aluminum wheels offer resistance, economy and safety. These products are five times stronger and have twice the durability of steel wheels, do not need painting and last up to 15 years (under normal use conditions). Alcoa wheels also dissipate heat better, extend the working life of the brakes and shock absorbers and result in tire wear reduction of as much as 14%.

Because these forged wheels are made entirely of aluminum they are 100% recyclable. A study carried out by PE INTERNATIONAL, a German consultancy company that specializes in sustainability, concluded that Alcoa forged aluminum wheels substantially reduce the carbon footprint of commercial vehicles, which favors sustainable transportation.

When buying a vehicle Alcoa forged aluminum wheels can be  purchased directly from original equipment distributors or retailers. These products come with a five-year guarantee and are available in Brazil in several sizes and with three special finishes: Polished, Semi-shiny and Dura-Bright®.