Reynobond® EcoClean™

Launched in 2011, this is an invisible layer of paint that is capable of cleaning the air after it is applied to an aluminum surface. Reynobond® EcoClean™ is a product in which there is a constant chemical reaction between three elements: a layer of titanium dioxide, UV rays and water and oxygen molecules in the air.

The layer of titanium dioxide in the invisible paint acts as a catalyst of sunlight when applied to an aluminum surface. When the electrons in the product are heated they interact with air molecules and during the subsequent chemical reaction the substances released destroy pollutants. The surface to which the product was applied also becomes self-cleaning.

When exposed to ultraviolet rays the coating makes the surface hydrophilic, in other words, when rain hits the Reynobond® panel dirt particles slide off, resulting in reduced maintenance costs and a better appearance. EcoClean™ reduces cleaning frequency in those locations where it is applied and eliminates the need to use chemical products in this process.

Alcoa has used its investments in technology and knowledge of decades of experience with architecture to create a product that has a positive impact and makes the environment cleaner.

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