Recognitions and Certifications

Alcoa Awards 2009



Guia Exame de Sustentabilidade (Exame’s Sustainability Guide)  

100 Best Companies to Work For - Great Place to Work® Institute and Época magazine  

The 30 Best Companies for an Executive to Work for in Brazil - Great Place to Work® Institute and Época Negócios [business] magazine  

The 100 Best Companies in Corporate Citizenship  

The Most ‘Switched On’ Companies in Brazil  

Companies of Good  

Environmental Benchmarking Brazil  

50 most high-tech companies in Brazil  

Information Week’s 100 most innovative companies in IT use  




Poços de Caldas - MG


Top Marks Exemplary Community Company diploma  

Best Environmental Impact Project  

Daily Water Balance  

Top Marks Exemplary Community Manager diploma  

Top Marks Exemplary Community Company diploma  

1st Professional Rehabilitation Prize – Category 3 – Public-Private Partnership

Karate-Do Tribute diploma to the Bravo [fierce] employees of the Unit

Title of Citizen of Poços de Caldas  

Company Friend of Children Seal  

Scout Friend 2009  

Prominent Company  

11th Minas Prize – Corporate Performance 2008/2009 – Best ad Biggest Companies in Minas category  


Santo André-SP


Top Brands 2009  

Marca Brasil Prize  

Honda Recognition  



São Luís–MA


Brazil Protection Prize 2009  

Environmental Benchmarking Brazil  

Proof Not Promises Winners  

State Department of Industry and Commerce (Sinc) and the Maranhão Supplier Development Program (PDF-MA)  

Metal Buildings and Structures (CEM), Maranhense Consortium (CM) and the Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Construction Engineering Consortium (CEMEC)  

Human Milk Bank  

SOS Cotec  





29th National Public Relations Prize  

Aberje Prize 2009  


Unidade de Tubarão – Tubarão-SC Municipal Chamber of Tubarão

Hydroelectric power stations 


Company Friend of Children Seal  

Fritz Muller Prize  

Friend of the Responsible Paternity Institute Trophy  

Protection Brazil Prize for Health and Safety at Work 2009 – H&S Policies with the Community category