Alcoa has various products that are used for a wide variety of applications in the chemicals’ market. Its calcined aluminas are essential when it comes to the production of fiber glass, refractory materials, technical ceramics, aluminous electrical insulators, abrasives, polishing paste, etc.

Its Hydrogard-GP, a type of aluminum hydroxide, was specifically developed to be incorporated into products used as smoke suppressants and flame retardants.


Our solutions for this market are also applied in the manufacture of various other products that we use in our daily lives, like toothpaste for cleaning and whitening teeth, and those for the treatment of water and effluent, which help with the coagulation and elimination of colloidal substances from various types of water.


Alcoa has developed a line of products with specific technical characteristic to serve the needs of each application. This is possible because they were produced with strict control over their process and quality variables, and in accordance with the specific needs of each product.