Alcoa Innovation in Aluminum Award

About the competition

The 11th edition of the Award has a series of new aspects, but the objective remains the same; to value the talent and creativity of those participating.

The assessment will now take place in two stages:


In the first stage, the registered team will complete a spreadsheet that uses the SWOT methodology, which is a tool capable of analyzing characteristics of the project, considering both internal and external environments.


All participants will have access to a tutorial and video lesson, with instructions on the correct use of the tool.

In the second stage, the Selection Committee, comprising professionals from Alcoa and guests, will choose five student teams and five teams of professionals.

The finalists will receive R$ 3,000 to develop a prototype or model of their project.


The items made by the finalists will be analyzed by the Award Committee, comprising five professionals and professors from the area, who will evaluate the projects and choose the winners. The result will be announced at the award-ceremony on October 22, which is open to guests, and on Alcoa’s website.