Alcoa Innovation in Aluminum Award

12th Alcoa Award for Innovation in Aluminum


Your project today is tomorrow’s transformation!


Valuing talent and creativity in the development of solutions that use aluminum as a raw material, the Alcoa Award is now in its 12th edition. In all, over two thousand projects have been subscribed in the program’s editions and 232 universities have taken part in the competition.


An integral part of Alcoa’s values, the innovation initiative is closely linked to the creation of added value and to sustainable development. Focused on the entire aluminum production chain, the Award aims to encourage students and teachers from all over Brazil to create innovative projects using this infinitely recyclable metal.


The 12th Alcoa Award for Innovation in Aluminum enjoys the institutional divulgation support of the Engineering Institute  (IE), the Ethos Institute, the Association of Superior Level Teaching/Research in Design in Brazil (AEnD-BR), the Association of Product Designers (ADP), the Brazilian Association of Metallurgy, Materials and Mining (ABM), the Brazilian Association of Design Companies (ABEDESIGN), the Brazilian Aluminum Association (ABAL), the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS) and the Green Building Council of Brazil (GBCB).


It’s time for you, whether student or professional, to put your ideas into practice.