Aluminum Powder

Alcoa is the world’s leading supplier of aluminum powder and serves various segments in both the domestic and foreign markets. There are two production units supplying the product: Poços de Caldas (MG) and Rockdale (Texas). The plant in Brazil is the only one in Latin America capable of classifying and supplying extremely fine powders.

Powder is produced by  a process developed by Alcoa that uses its own molten aluminum. This technology guarantees high levels of product quality and process stability.

Aluminum powder comes in various granulometric bands (supplied as standard or by specific consultation) and levels of purity (percentage of aluminum and other metals), which means that it can be used in a versatile number of ways in refractories, pigments for the automobile industry, metal-working, chemical products, aluminothermy, explosives, solid fuels for missiles and space craft, etc.

The powder can also be characterized as to its morphology (in nodular or spherical powder) and be recovered or classified.