Extruded Profiles

Alcoa’s extruded products area is responsible for the fabrication of aluminum profiles used in the manufacture of residential and commercial frames for the construction market. It also produces profiles and finished parts for the industrial market, which includes the autoparts, consumer goods, electrical industry, transportation, machinery and equipment segments. Alcoa’s extruded aluminum profiles are ideal for meeting a wide variety of demands because they possess unique properties, like their versatility and lightness.

With its great capacity for absorbing impact and being highly corrosion-resistant, the product is an excellent electricity and thermal conductor. Because aluminum profiles are not magnetic and are highly reflective they act as a shield against radiation, light, radio waves and infrared rays. They can be used in inflammable environments because they do not give off sparks and neither are they combustible. The product has various mechanical properties because of its vast range of alloys and tempers, which contain different chemical compositions. This also enables aluminum to be finished in a variety of ways, such as being painted, anodized, polished, chromed and nickeled, etc.
Extruded profiles are divided into:
Solid profiles: made from solid aluminum, this type of profile can be found in the form of rods/bars, which are usually used in machining processes.

Tubular profiles: a characteristic of this type of profile is that it has one or more hollow parts surrounded in aluminum. They can be used in the internal structures of machinery and equipment, as well as in the movable arms of agricultural implements. Other examples of their use can be found in beach chairs and ladders.

Semi-tubular profiles: with partially hollowed-out parts encased in aluminum, this kind of profile is indicated for applications that have a more complex design for the extrusion process. It is also used in the manufacture of finned profiles for the electrical industry, for shock absorbers and in the automation of machine tools.