The Alcoa Sustainability Model

Alcoa defines sustainability as the application of our values to achieve financial success, environmental excellence and social responsibility, in a partnership with all stakeholders, in order to deliver concrete long-term benefits to our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and the communities where we operate.

The Alcoa Sustainability Model is aligned with the way in which the company’s business is conducted, guaranteeing that all units know how to include the theme in their operations and that the stakeholders understand how sustainability is linked to the company’s main strategies.

In 2010, the Global Sustainability Team was set up at the executive level, with the objective of integrating sustainability into business strategies. The team’s first actions were to review the targets of the 2020 Global Sustainability Strategy and to develop a new set of targets for guiding the progress of the business until 2020/2030, the base-year being 2005.

Various members of the Alcoa Brasil team are on the Global Sustainability Committee. They contribute towards the preparation of a broader sustainable corporate agenda, thus guaranteeing that the company’s global sustainability approach is in accordance with local needs.