Hydroelectric Machadinho


The Machadinho Consortium invested in re-establishing the region’s landscape, roads and electricity grid. It invested in infrastructure, building rural resettlements that have schools, a church, and community and leisure centers. It also offers financial help until the first harvest and technical agricultural and social assistance for five years.

During the construction work the Machadinho Consortium employed more than 7,000 people and generated 30,000 indirect jobs. When the reservoir was filled 754 families living in 1080 properties were transferred to new dwellings. Hundreds of other families were paid compensation and had the opportunity of choosing a place to live and work.

The Machadinho Hydroelectric Power Station is an important agent for sustainable development in the region where it is located. Because of this the consortium values the building of a solid and long-lasting relationship with the communities surrounding the development in order to contribute to their social and economic development.

In partnership with public bodies and third sector entities in the municipalities affected, the Machadinho Consortium promotes, sponsors and supports various community initiatives and the Alcoa Institute has a significant participation in them.

An innovative partnership established in 2011 is associated with the project for the Protection of Headsprings in Rural Communities in the Municipality of Machadinho. Over a two-year period, the Alcoa Institute, in partnership with the Machadinho Hydroelectric Power Station consortium, Tractebel Energia and Embrapa, will invest in the resources needed for protecting the 24 headsprings. The project will plant native trees (including mate), on almost 40 hectares, the aim being to improve the quality of the water and perpetuate this natural resource.

To guarantee resources for areas considered essential to sustainable development, the Machadinho Consortium prioritizes the allocation of investments to projects relating to health, education, security and social and cultural development.

Machadinho Hydroelectric Power Station Visit Program

With the objective of integrating the community and the power station, in August 2007 the Machadinho Hydropower Station started a visit program (approximately 500 visitors a month). Target visitors are students from the public school system, associations, institutions, entities and leaders who form part of the community of the municipalities surrounding the power station’s reservoir.

Visitors can watch an institutional video of the complex and visit the installations accompanied by trained guides. During the program, people have the opportunity of visiting the observation platform, the powerhouse and the control building.

There are periodic visits to schools, companies and entities in the region, when information about the power station is provided and people are once again invited to participate in the Visit Program. To facilitate transportation for visitors to the power station, partnerships have been signed with some of the region’s town administrations, which have assumed responsibility for transporting people from the towns.


In 2011, 9,850 people took part in the Visit Program. Since 2002, more than 50,000 people have had the opportunity of getting to know the power station.

Visits can be scheduled by calling 0800-644-0026.

Writing competition

With the objective of encouraging debate about cultural and environmental issues, every year the Machadinho Consortium organizes a Writing Competition for 8th grade students in municipal schools close to the power station.

In order to prepare candidates for the competition the consortium holds a workshop on writing techniques, which is attended by teachers from various schools in the region.

In 2012, there were 700 participants, counting students enrolled and members of the community. Furthermore, two schools in Piratuba (SC) received the title of Sustainable School and were provided with the funds needed for implementing sustainability projects.

Population Help Centers

Integration with the area affected by the Machadinho Hydroelectric Power Station is one of the priorities of the Machadinho Consortium. The Population Help Centers (CAPs) allow this relationship to be cultivated and strengthened everyday. With CAPs located in Piratuba (SC) and Barracão (RS), the Machadinho Hydropower Station makes itself available for hearing and solving the problems and anxieties of the surrounding municipalities.

The Population Help Centers receive on average 25 widely varying consultations a month, such as requests for the right to benefit and/or compensation, the release of resettlement title deeds, requests to purchase the remaining CMA areas, requests for donations and sponsorships, and others.




Hydroelectric Machadinho