Kawneer has been a division of Alcoa Building & Construction Systems (BCS) since 1998, is present in 36 countries and has more than a 100 years’ experience.

It is a leader in solutions for curtain wall architecture and the division created the first curtain wall system ever used in 1956. Since then it has been adding innovation to products and services in order to meet the various demands of special projects. Kawneer systems offer direct benefits for different types of project, including those that are technically very complex.

Kawneer’s product portfolio has more than 400 patented innovations, which are responsible for making the company a global benchmark in frame systems.

This division has solutions for various types of construction work, whether new or refurbishment, and with its design flexibility, high performance and ease of installation it develops special systems for meeting the specification requirements of each project. It also offers a package of services that are in accordance with customer needs.

Kawneer accompanies the customer at every stage of the construction, from choosing the best solution for the curtain wall system, to defining the most appropriate technical solutions, developing the manufacturing and assembly designs and managing the whole of the development.

It offers the assistance necessary for development of the executive project, trains the frame manufacturers and monitors the assembly process.