Foil and Sheet

Alcoa’s aluminum foil and sheets are found in applications such as household appliances, refrigeration systems, air conditioners, household tools, civil construction, aerials, transportation, highway equipment, automotive lines, flexible packaging for food, long life and pharmaceutical products, tops and seals.

Alcoa’s aluminum foil and sheets, which are widely used in industry, have various applications thanks to the metal’s recognized characteristics: its lightness, practicality and functionality.

The company makes products for the consumer goods segment in line with strict dimension and mechanical property controls. It is the only rolled aluminum products industry in Brazil with its own paint line.

The quality standards of Alcoa foil and sheet and the alloys of which they are made are ideal for applications in the electricity industry. 


They can be used in transformers, aerials, cables, busbars and other  components for the electrical and electronic segments. Other possible uses are in finishes for machinery, coatings for molds and light fittings, metal labels and anodized panels.

Depending on their finish, aluminum sheet and foil can be used in different applications:


  • Natural: the standard sheet finish reflects little light and may have shine differences.

  • Shiny: this type of finish is obtained by rolling. One side is more reflective than the natural finish side because of the increased burnishing effect of the rollers.

  • Varnished or painted: before the sheet receives paint or varnish its surface is chemically prepared, which gives it greater corrosion-resistance and better coating-adherence. This preparation comprises a degreasing, cleaning and anchoring treatment. After this process, the sheet receives a polyester-based varnish or paint application on one or both sides. A coil-coating system is used to apply these coatings, which gives the aluminum greater resistance to corrosion, scratching and weather conditions, as well as providing an excellent surface finish.

  • Stucco: the surface of the sheet is modified by the “stucco” design being embossed on both sides.

  • Embossed: the surface of embossed sheeting is modified on both sides.

  • Anti-slip: the material is a sheet embossed with a ‘five tear’ design, using a special rolling process. This type of finish gives the product its characteristic antislip quality.

  • Shiny/matte: one of the sides has a shiny finish and the other is matte. This is the result of a process in which two sheets are simultaneously rolled.