Civil Construction

The civil construction market, which is one of the most dynamic in the Brazilian economy, distinguishes itself because of its significant use of aluminum, which supplies lightness, high durability and an excellent finish. Alcoa produces aluminum wall cladding products and modern frame solutions for residential, commercial and industrial construction jobs.

With hundreds of solutions for this segment, the company increasingly invests in technology for developing aluminum frames for use in windows, doors, curtain walls, room dividers, tiles, gates, scaffolding structures and construction molds. These products provide all types of project with high technology, modern design, beauty and safety.

Nationwide distribution

Rede Alumínio & Cia.

This company has been the exclusive distributor of Alcoa extruded profiles in Brazil since 2003. Its stores offer solutions in aluminum and carry an extensive portfolio of profiles, alloys and finishes for the most diverse segments, such as transportation, machinery and equipment, consumer goods, civil construction, etc.

With their trained technical teams, all stores follow the same standards in service and provide consumers, frame manufacturers, architects and engineers with technical support. Every store also has a showroom with exclusive residential and commercial solutions, in particular innovations in the Unna range of windows, doors and curtain walls.

With its commitment to deliver a complete solution, Rede Alumínio & Cia. also has the accessories, tools and components needed for assembling the frame systems of the more traditional brands, all of which have been approved by Alcoa’s engineering sector.

Rede Alumínio & Cia. stores are located in Brazil’s main cities.

Rede Esquadria & Cia.

This is a network of aluminum frame manufacturers that have been accredited by Rede Alumínio & Cia. and by Alcoa. The objective is to train and professionalize the labor force responsible for delivering products to the end consumer.

The process created by Alcoa leads to an increase in competitiveness in the segment and provides the frame manufacturer with the qualifications needed to produce all Alcoa product lines.

Further information about the Alumínio & Cia. and Esquadria & Cia. store networks can be found at: